Automate Research During Project Start

New projects start with quite a lot of research. The start would be much easier, if some of that could be done by a machine, wouldn’t it? Science fiction?
Not any more. The software is already available.
Wisdom technology does not need any preparation – no terminology, no ontology.
As soon as you want to automate your project start research a batch will be set up, doing some important first steps for you.

Try it: If the requirements of your case will not be met, whatever you need will be included.

Ask Irene for more information:

User voices?
It works perfectly for one topic. But […] Read more

(Deutsch) Wissen Schaffen und Speichern mit Musik

You have to remember something important? Learning is laborious – isn’t it?
But not necessarily: a scientific prooven alternative:
Relax with music you like. Than read the stuff and sleep.

You have to remember a sequence? Play well structured music you like. Learn with each part of the music a part of your sequence. If you have to repeat it: Remember the music and you will remember the entries one by one alongside the melodie.

I use that myself. The first time I experimented with it was during studies. I learned the content of manangement like that. Since I did not want to […] Read more

Result oriented motivation – think realistic

Books on self motivation propose “positive thinking”. But thorough research reveals that it is less effective. This insight is known since 1991: You get better results because of more motivation if you include the entire life into your phantasies – good and bad things – wishes and obstacles.
Professor Oettingen summarized the results of many studies into one easy but effective strategy. There is also an app available. Whether this moves more in your live if you write by hand, type it or enter it in a mobile you have to find out for yourself. To write with my hand is […] Read more

If information is not in at hand

Work in meetings often depends from information availibility. Studies list a lack of information among the 5 highest ranks of problems in meetings. There is no shortage of solutions. Awareness of those solutions is lacking:
Internal documents are found by Enterprise Search Engines. External sources are available through special search engines like Duckduckgo.
And hits in topic where no attendee is firm with are found in a twofold process:
First you look up the most important within an electronic encyclopaedia.
Second you use the text found to start an electronic deep research tool an get interactively hits that quickly provide many answers.
If you have […] Read more