Automate Research During Project Start

New projects start with quite a lot of research. The start would be much easier, if some of that could be done by a machine, wouldn’t it? Science fiction?
Not any more. The software is already available.
Wisdom technology does not need any preparation – no terminology, no ontology.
As soon as you want to automate your project start research a batch will be set up, doing some important first steps for you.

Try it: If the requirements of your case will not be met, whatever you need will be included.

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User voices?
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Optimize processes

Optimize processes

Kontinuous improvement is required – why not Chrismas. Let us improve the processes. We cancel the tree. To set it up is too much effort. And we cut costs considerably. We cancel the cooking. To fill up 25 persons – we will find professionals for that. Let’s go out for eating! And we make presents to noone. That cuts stress to find something significantly. And the Chrismas Mass? Let’s see them on TV while we eat our presents, because the expensive meal was pretty frugal.

Rationalize is so easy. Why did wie not think of it earlier?

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