If information is not in at hand

Work in meetings often depends from information availibility. Studies list a lack of information among the 5 highest ranks of problems in meetings. There is no shortage of solutions. Awareness of those solutions is lacking:
Internal documents are found by Enterprise Search Engines. External sources are available through special search engines like Duckduckgo.
And hits in topic where no attendee is firm with are found in a twofold process:
First you look up the most important within an electronic encyclopaedia.
Second you use the text found to start an electronic deep research tool an get interactively hits that quickly provide many answers.
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Formal or Buddies – Differentiation in German

“Sprachspiele” from Ludwig Wittgenstein open up a different option: The reader might choose whether he likes formal direct addressing like “Dear… or …,sir!” or informal like “Hi!”. In English there is only one way to address people directly in everyday speech: “you”. Therefore it is not necessary to offer a choice. In German formal addressing affords “Sie” and informal “Du”. Since informal addressing spreads but irritates many people we choose another approach – a constructive one: Everyone might choose what he likes to read by choosing a “language”.

Interesting reading and successful time

AIQ.go Team

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Human Resources Management Rarely in Focus of Quality Management

Human Resources Management Rarely in Focus of Quality Management

The standard employment processes demand a lot of preparations from the job seeker. It adopts a choice process, where untruth easily succeed. Is avoids that, some companies add second and third tests.

Consequently the employment process becomes longer and more expensive. From “quality management” view point there is a high potential to cut costs: Design the first steps differently. How to succeed will be explained in the webinars “Standard or Unique? – Hiring People”.

Here just one hint: The new process does not look similar to wellknown procedures – but shows better results for both sides.

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Optimize processes

Optimize processes

Kontinuous improvement is required – why not Chrismas. Let us improve the processes. We cancel the tree. To set it up is too much effort. And we cut costs considerably. We cancel the cooking. To fill up 25 persons – we will find professionals for that. Let’s go out for eating! And we make presents to noone. That cuts stress to find something significantly. And the Chrismas Mass? Let’s see them on TV while we eat our presents, because the expensive meal was pretty frugal.

Rationalize is so easy. Why did wie not think of it earlier?

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A piece of heaven for Advent

A piece of heaven for Advent

„The church “Wies” in bavaria is a part of heaven on that sorrorful earth.“ wrote Peter Dörfler (1878 – 1955)

To all readers
be accompanied with a view at this “piece of heaven” over advent 2015. Might it transport strenghth and success.
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Re-evaluate organizational culture

Re-evaluate organizational culture

Culture defines the objects used, material as well as immaterial. –> objects trigger processes, that have to be done –> processes define what additional objects are needed –> all objects together build up the structure of an organization which opens up the framework where culture might unfold within.
All those elements of an organization interact.

Knowledge is an important factor in all four of them. Culture develops if wisdom and knowledge are spread and share or accepted. Objects inherit wisdom and require a lot of knowledge for realization. Using such awareness starts actively designed processes that inherit a lot of wisdom. […] Read more