This is your domain on knowledge management, if…

Ueber uns

... you are not content

with the results of your research.

... you find nothing

in your big collection of electronic documents and texts.

... if you do not like

long discussions, and bad compromizes.

... if you are responsible

for quality management and are looking for a quick change to ISO 9001:2015.

The Motive for a new knowledge management approach was:

While beeing in charge of the chair “Basics of Informatics: Knowledge Management” Dr. Teich dived deeply into up-to-date technology of software concerned with wisdom and knowledge. She was shocked! Without caring of the time users have to spend, a partly useful but difficult to keep accurate “Ontology” for formalization of semantics was assumed standard. Quality management gets crazy if it has to implant that complicated machinery everywhere into their processes. As former CEO Mrs. Teich felt every single hair rising.

Immediately she thought of what she had learned in Logistics: “There is no such thing as “it doesn’t work”!” thinking. There had to be another way. Through Economic Promotion Bautzen introduced her to Dr. Peter Schnupp. He had experienced similar problems being a amicus curiae for software technology. With his experience in artificial intelligence software architecture and hers in user needs, they invented together solutions and programs for knowledge management without clumsy preparations.

Meanwhile the Software Peter Schnupp and Irene Teich developed got four innovation awards: Three Innovation Awards for WisTuM, WisARD und Velar        bestof_wissensmanagement_2016_500px

Right now several Projects start. Have a look at the Tab “Projects”.

AIQTeamfor knowledge management, quality management, legal affairs and support




We found someone – but we are still in a Change process.



Developer of linguistic KI

After training by Irene Teich and Peter Schnupp

AIQ Anja Joppe

Anja Joppe

Publishing and Legal Affairs

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Organization and Office

We are looking for someone who likes organising


AIQ Dr Irene Teich

Irene Teich

knowledge management and CEO

Dr Peter Schnupp

Peter Schnupp


Software Architect, curious and focused

Partner of AIQ.go Enterprises

Sitex IT Services
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