Result oriented motivation – think realistic

Books on self motivation propose “positive thinking”. But thorough research reveals that it is less effective. This insight is known since 1991: You get better results because of more motivation if you include the entire life into your phantasies – good and bad things – wishes and obstacles.
Professor Oettingen summarized the results of many studies into one easy but effective strategy. There is also an app available. Whether this moves more in your live if you write by hand, type it or enter it in a mobile you have to find out for yourself. To write with my hand is most motivating for me and shows the best results. One reason might be that I remember more of what I write with my hand. But this is only true for plans. Vocabulary of a new language I learn easier using a keyboard.
Find your own individual apprach for effectice realisation – and use the power of thingking including the whole life.
Have success and good results!